ARCA SWISS (アルカスイス)

Innovative designs mark the progress of this Swiss company. ARCA-SWISS started producing professional cameras in the early fifties. The new Swiss All-Round-CAmeras, ARCA-SWISS, rapidly gained an excellent reputation based on their precision and handling in practical situations.

The first large-format reflex cameras, 6x9cm and 4x5" appeared in 1960 and were the rage of Photokina. Panoramic cameras and riflescopes followed soon thereafter. Many companies were awarded ARCA-SWISS subcontracts given the large potential for innovation. Philippe Vogt took the company over in 1984.

A new era characterised by an extensive redesign of the entire line commenced.
A myriad of technologically advanced products, such as the first electronic professional camera, the monoball® B ballhead, SIM light metering, digital backs and the successful M-Line and F-Line system’s concept were created by his team.

Modular design, extensive system component interchangeability, and the superb engineering and construction of the cameras are held in high esteem by professionals the world over. ARCA-SWISS clients are the world’s most demanding photographers and the leading schools of photography and design, as well as those of architecture, science and technology.





コアレベラー75 クイック

コアレベラー75 フリップロック

コアレベラー75 モノボールフィックス

コアレベラー60 クイック

コアレベラー60 フリップロック

コアレベラー60 モノボールフィックス