HOODMAN (フードマン)

Founded in 1986 by The Schmidt Brothers. Hoodman has provided accessory solutions for the Broadcast Video and Motion Picture Industry. Our sun shade products set the standard for viewing monitors outside. In 1996 Hoodman created and supplied the NFL with custom sun shades for The Instant Replay enabling the officials to see playbacks on the field. By 2000, Digital cameras made their debut and the photo industry changed dramatically. The inclusion of an LCD screen on the every camera gave the photographer a chance to review their images in the field. Hoodman designed sun shades and patented hoodloupes to see the LCD screen outdoors. Tear drop shaped eyecups and lens cleanse quickly followed. Hoodman added a line of memory cards and readers in 2006 that provided speed, reliability and a lifetime warranty. Our card reader is the only metal housed reader on the market. Drones came along in 2015 and gave us an opportunity to apply our sun shade, support, and Hoodman Orange launch pads to this new industry and we have quickly become the accessory company for drones. 2