Cactus (カクタス)

"Cactus is a company that designs and engineers wireless studio lighting equipment - wireless flash triggers, wireless portable flash, laser trigger, and other lighting and camera accessories. Our existence started from the needs of the photographer. And this continues to be the driving force behind product development. Yet how we get there largely depends on our observation in the world of photography. By studying comments on blogs and forums, suggestions from current users, and doing tests first hand in our studio, we discover new things every so often that may eventually end up as a new project. At Cactus, we listen. Cactus products are made for every photographer. We want to make it available to everyone by offering Cactus at an affordable price, but at the same time retaining a high standard of quality. Cactus is proudly Hong Kong, one of the Four Asian Tigers. We take great advantages for being in this international hub that houses professionals with multi-cultural backgrounds. Our access to international design houses and consulting companies are made easy for Hong Kong’s convenient transport interchange and freedom of information, not to mention the great accessibility to manufacturing plants in countries and regions around."