ProMediaGear (プロメディアギア)

ProMediaGear was founded in 2009 by the Fudala brothers. Tom, Matt, and Dariusz are all engineering graduates from the University of Illinois, Chicago. Tom and Matt have more than 25 years of photography and videography experience. Their massive portfolio includes working with corporations, private clients, and even stock image websites. Their photography experience and engineering knowledge serve as ProMediaGear’s eyes into its future products. As photographers, they build products with fellow users in mind. On the other hand, Dariusz has an MBA in Business and runs the operations of ProMediaGear. He makes sure that all the deadlines and goals are hit regularly. He is also responsible for the design and prototypes of the ProMediaGear products. With their experiences, the three worked together to develop camera accessories that are built to last. A decade after its creation, ProMediaGear is now one of the top choices in the industry. ProMediaGear carbon fiber tripods, tripod heads, and other products are all highly praised in the community. That is just the tip of the iceberg as more products are getting designed regularly.