HIVE (ハイブ)

Hive’s point source, directional Omni-Color LEDs are designed to be modular with hundreds of different lightbanks, softboxes and optics available for every single light. Perfect for throwing light long distances or providing a broad flood, Hive’s changeable optics is at the core of our fixtures versatility. With a wide variety of modifiers to choose from, Hive’s Omni-Color LEDs transform into the perfect light for your application. Hive’s ultra-bright, tunable, and directional LED fixtures can have a Flood Reflector or a Fresnel Lens, a PAR Spot reflector or Parabolic Umbrella, a Leko Theatrical Lens or a Lantern Softbox and many more. Hive offers unique custom optics and is compatible with hundreds of 3rd party options to ensure Hive’s LEDs can imitate any light source imaginable.