Really Right Stuff(リアリーライトスタッフ) QD Strap Swivel - D Loop Dループ QDストラップスイベル

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Really Right Stuff
We have searched high and low to find the best camera strap system that mates seamlessly with our Quick-Release plates. After experimenting with many different solutions, we have finally found one we like.

The QD (Quick Detach) mounting system was perfect for our plates for several reasons:

Secure: This proven system has been used for years by industries around the world including NASA, law enforcement and military agencies. The design inhibits accidental removal, especially when the camera is hanging from the strap.

Fast: Adding or removing the strap system to/from your camera is lightning fast. Just press the button and push the pin into the corresponding socket to install, or pull it out to remove.

Low Profile: The socket for QD attachment is so low profile that we can incorporate it into most of our quick-release plates without adding any extra height. Another great feature is that that our Quick Release plates will fit flush within our clamps when mounted on our ballheads; no extra pieces you have to worry about getting in the way. Also, because the mount is so small, we are incorporating the design in many of our products. Visit this page to see a current list of products that has the QD feature.

Add your own strap to this Made-in-the-USA Heavy Duty Push Button Swivel for the ultimate camera strap system.
・Flush attachment to our quick-release plates with QD Socket
・Pull tested up to 450 pounds of pressure
・Release button on the swivel comes flush to the swivel body, virtually eliminating the chance for errant release of the swivel
・Extremely tight machining tolerances and pull testing to over 300-pounds of pressure
・Non-glare manganese phosphate finish to eliminate reflection
・D-Loop works great for narrow straps and straps with clips


D loop QD strap swivel/


・Button Space: 0.87" (22mm)